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"Happy Holidays!"


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Itís hard to believe, but itís been a year since last Christmas.   So much has happened since last December I thought I would give you a bit of an update:

     Last year, I was living in Orlando with my great friend Mike Taylor, working for Orlando Regional Hospital. In mid November  I got deathly ill and had to be rescued by my mother and father.  I was so sick that I describe myself as being in a walking coma.  I hardly remember much at all.  The few things I do remember are my parents loading up a u-haul as I slept on the sofa, my best friends Tim, Gary, Cookie, and Jim visiting me and giving me encouragement, and me planted in a lazy boy recliner for almost 2 1/2 months, not getting up much except for the necessities.  It was horrible.  Talks on thee phone with my old college roommate and best friend Michele (New York), Lisette (Miami), and rediscovering friendships with Martin and Rick (Vero Beach) and many others, were the key factors to my improvement.  Most important though, was the angel that appeared and help to heal me through my horror.  The angel called mom.  I owe so much to my mother, staying by my side during the day, and waking me at night to make sure I take my medications.  Wiping the sweat off my body, and making sure I ate.  Hours and hours of round the clock care, making the pain go away, and helping me improve.  My friends, My family, and My God, all part of a group effort, lead me to a speedy recovery.

With the light shining bright, and the hope renewed, I was ready to tackle the world once again, with a new found direction, a restored faith!  I went to New York and met one of the most wonderful guys in the world, my new love Jose.  Predicted by a psychic, it was an amazing thing.  Meeting someone who was a giver, not a taker, someone caring, loving, and even cute.  I was in love.  And then, just as things were looking up, ďBamĒ, a diagnosis of Lymphoma in mid July.  So I went crashing into the gutter again.  Having to start chemotherapy and needing it every 21 days for the next several months, I tried to keep my faith up.  With Jose, my Mom and Dad, and my friends by my side, once again I worked on surviving.  And with many prayers from friends, and relatives that I havenít seen or heard from in years, and with the love and compassion from those close to me, a miracle has occurred;  I am in remission! Thank God!

My intentions are, to share with my friends and family, and even some new strangers the miracle of life.  Remember what is really important in life.  Donít take it fore granted and remember to tell the ones close to you that you love them.  Unfortunately when we get stuck in the day to day, its very easy to forget what really is important.  Life is but so short.  I have been lucky to have 2 second chances so far, and with each strive for survival, my beliefs in prayer, and love get stronger and stronger.

Thank each of you for being a part of my life.  If there was any time in my life to give thanks and to be Merry, it is Now.  So, from my heart, from my soul, and from me to you!  I wish you all, a very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!   Thank you for all the love, compassion, prayers, and friendship!  I love you all!

With all my Love and Prayers,

    ~~Happy Holidays ~~