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Taken Dec 99  :)

Lots about Me: 

Stats: 5'11, Brn/Hazel eyes, 178#, Medium Build, Italian, GWM, Love the Beach, Movies, Romance, Bubble Baths for two, Massages, Dining Out, Long Sensuous nights. Tired of  "Road Kill".  If you are a Road Kill please leave me alone!  :)  If you are NOT caring, compassionate, romantic, and honest, or just think its all about you, then you are probably ROAD KILL.....You have to be a giver as well as a taker.  Also accepting applications for friendship!!!

Recently relocated back to in Vero Beach, florida.  It's a long story, but basically, I broke up with someone I thought was the bomb,  the house I was renting was sold and I had 1 week to leave, my best friends moved away, I got extremely sick and moved back home, and then got sicker and have been recently diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Could it get any worse?  Of course it could.  But with many prayers and positive thoughts, Im doing ok.

Then a few months later, just when you think that Life is cruel and tortuous, I met who I believe is the love of my life, my soul mate.  His name is Jose and he and I met 2 days after a psychic predicted that I would meet my next lover in NY.  He is so caring, loving, and giving, that everyone close to me, including myself agree, that Jose is a gift from GOD.  I have been blessed at a time when blessings seem to be few.

Sometimes in life, we dont know where we are heading, but as long as we have faith in ourselves and faith in spirit, we will learn the lessons we are supposed to learn,  whether painful, or exciting.  All are lessons to teach us the difference between authenitc love and external love.  All lessons, whether painful or not,  are here to open a door to something which we would never see unless we passed through the shit.

Recent update regarding my health:  10/2000  the cancer is getting its ass kicked by the chemo!!! Last CAT Scan shows no tumors.  Keep the prayers coming!

Hobbies and Interests:
Love frying on the Beach, tanning salons, Disney stuff, Pleasure Island, roller blading, surfing the net, watching Rosie,  Sopranos, and All My Children. Love spilling popcorn all over myself at the movies, even if it embarrasses my date.  Love tanning with my best friend Tim on the Beach, and love good jokes and laughter.   Although lately, I dont do too much under the circumstances.

Current Career:
I am a Psychiatric RN and am willing to help you talk about any personal problems you might have. If you have questions about chemo ?? I can answer those too!   Either online or voice. Totally confidential. I feel it's important that everyone has someone who they can talk to, and that person knows how to Listen!  Half the problems we have today is that everyone seems to talk, but no one really listens.  So send me an email!!!  Dear Nurse Chris

Most Popular Question:  How old am I?   Most Popular answer to the question?  Guess!


A simple thought!
Grab each second for what it has to offer; Enjoy the wonderful highs when they are there for they can be few and far between.  And remember; dont lower your walls or your standards; The right person in your world will have the motivation to climb over them.  And if they stop trying, then maybe it's time to move down a different road. Remember that  when you find someone that you feel is a part of your soul?  Do not take the easy road, for its the road of difficulty that will surrender it's truest rewards!  Finally,  NEVER give up on Love. It's better to have love and lost yada yada yada.    CJB  


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Me and Jose! My boyfriend

Jose and I at the Airport! June 2000


Left To Right.... Doug, JBSastram, And ME!!

JB Sastram is my loving sister and soon she will be the next Janice Joplin or Alanis Morrisette.  Check out her music at

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