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Que Linda!!
Back in Costa Again!



Costa Rica for me has been a place to revive and recharge!  The beautiful beaches, the great people, and the fabulous night life are all great combinations for R & R.   Over the years I have met some very wondeful people, former Judges, A Baron of France, Doctors, Lawyers, and just plain guys like myself.    Since my first visit in 1997, until my most recent trips in 2002, I make it a ritual lately to revist often.   I recommend it highly.  Although Costa Rican gay life, is very closeted at times, there is quite a bit to offer.  There are many Gay Bars in San Jose, from Miami type Discos, Wild Strip Bars, to the local cultural bars with spanish music and Cervezas.   If you ever want to visit another country, this one is a definite must!  Below and the following pages you will see the beauty and magic of the guys of Costa Rica!  Just a tid bit of info though.  The legal age in Costa Rica is 18.  The boys in the bars must have a "cedula" to get in so they are safe and of age.  I do not recommend picking up boys on the streets, or boys without ID.  I have heard nightmares of gay tourists going to jail.  So Please guys, be smart and "Don't Play With matches, you might get burned!"  Have fun, be safe, wear your golashes (rubbers), keep you passport and money in the safe, and enjoy the beautiful wonders of Costa Rica.

My Costa Rican Friends:


      Cesar and I in August 2002



Me at the Volanco "Irazu" near Cartoga, San Jose, CO

William Gambora and Alberto!





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