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ME at Gainesville
ROUND #2 March 2nd

My Newest Hero's
 "laughter is the best medicine"


Round #3

3/26/2001 Well, Sunday went well and today is Monday, Time to get the Hell outta Here!  Thank you again to all of the staff, students, and volunteers at Shands.  I hope I have touched your lives as much as you have touched mine.  Cya in a few weeks, back on April 11th, for Round #4, and maybe the ok to try Stem Cell Transplant!  Let's see what doors will be opening next!  My sincere thanks... and keep checking in!     Sincerely,  Chris

3/24/2001  It's Saturday, and the hussle and bustle in the hallways is quieter since most of the students and faculty of the medical schools are off.  But it was still a very fufilling day.  Met 2 new med students who have that great love and caring and compassion that one hopes to see in their doctor or nurse.   Soon to be one day Doctor "mike" and Doctor "Lacy",  It's such a gift for me to be able to share with them my medical and life stories and have them actually learn a bit of something.  It's a wondeful feeling to look into peoples eyes and know that you are touching them in some way.   And it's chilling, when my own life is touched by people like Nurse "Roger" who's healing hands, and heart, touch my soul.  Feeling the Love of caring touch.

Last night I was playing nurse role again, by trying to fix my IV, bad nurse!  Nurse Marie had to give me a spanking! But I deserved it.  I am in good hands like AllState, and she's right, if I need help, I need to learn to ask more!  Lessons lessons and more lessons.

Monday I am going to have a consult with the transplant team.  We might be heading down the road to some newer therapies to maybe erradicate this lymphoma once and for all, and help my overall illness.  It's a bit risky, some people dont survive the treatment.  So Ill let you all know more when I find out more.  I have a few links Ive found on the web, so if you are interested, Ill mail em to ya.   Warm Fuzzies..   egads, did I write that???? fuzzies????   lol

3/23/2001  After my log yesterday, I received 2 units of blood which made me perk up a bit and prepares me for this chemo round.   The chemo therapy lowers your red and white cells, so now that I have more cells, I'm feeling a bit better today. My leg and back are a bit sore from my lumbar puncture, but Im doing ok with pain management.  My checkout date is tenatively monday morning, should be finishing the chemo sunday night.   Mom and Dad are hanging in there,  staying right across the street at the university center hotel.  Thank you for your emails and phone calls, even emails from some strangers Ive never met is really heart warming.

3/22/2001  Round 3 day one....  Well, Im getting the hang of this, :)  Starting to recognizes faces and names.  The care here is still so wonderful   it is amazing..  Dr. "Chris" , you can find him at :) lol just a little gay humor, what an amazing guy.  Sure makes me feel old, Im telling ya the staff here is a bunch of models, male and female, running around in lab coats, and today, Dr. "Suma" did my lumbar puncture and did a great job! She told me I would feel a little prick, Can you believe that I thought she said something else???  :)   Yippeee  she got it!  And Doctor "Sherri", well, just to let ya know, my palm pilot is in color, but I think her's is wireless... Im jealous...   We did some beaming .... so we bonded!   Such pretty girls around here, wish I was a lesbian.  This group of doctors and nurses have such a great sense of humor.  Well my spirits are good,  and surrounded by great people.   Still doing good..... I'll check in later.... Chris

3/21/2001  We made it to Gainesville.  First Stop was to Dr. Lynch's office.  He looked at my most recent cat scan from  Monday and is very pleased.  He said that there is almost no trace of anything seen.  Still waiting on the final word from the radiologist, but it looks great so far Tommorrow AM I will be admitted again for Round #3 of chemo.  They are talking about the posiiblity of a stem cell transplant, but not sure yet.  The transplant team will evaluate me somtime this weekend.   And I probably will have some blood this time since the last time kicked my butt.   I must say though, things are looking good so far, might not need it.  Mom and Dad are here this time, we all went out to dinner at a great restaurant called Mark's; I recommend it highly!  Let ya know tommorrow from the hospital whats up!  I have my cell there if ya get lonely, 561-913-0691.  Love, Chris.....

3/20/2001  I got through the worst of it, for round #2.  I feel better, my lips have color again.  And Im not having to use that handicapped permit now.  Since the 15th I underwent my first accupuncture treatment. Oh My God, it was great.  Thank you Lilly Diamond at Diamond healing, (At essentials in healing in Vero).  Unbelievable.  Im kinda starting to mix Eastern Medicine, with Western, including Massage, Accupuncture, and some chinese herbs with the Chemo.  Tell ya what, I feel better.  Even stopped by my old PV Martins the other day and actually helped out for about 30 minutes.  Was good to get the old blood and sweat pumping again.  (Hi Ernst, Ali, Diane, Velma, and the Gang).  Yesterday I had my cat Scan, went good.  What I could see was a decrease in the cancer, but I aint no radiologist, so by tommorrow I should know the "official" word.   We leave tommorrow morning for Gainesville again.

3/15/2001  Well, my headache has been so bad the last few days.   Since my last entry, the chemo really kicked my butt.  My hemoglobin went down to  6.2 which is pretty low, close to needing a blood transfusion, but so far just staying in bed.  My white cells crashed to .6, but today have rebounded to normal.  So the road is rocky right now, but I am doing ok.  Have heard from some of my old friends from the past, which has been really nice.  And the cards, flowers, and good wishes continue to come in.  Mom has been doing such a great job of nursing me, I wish I could give her an honorary nursing degree!   This week I have really felt what it's like to be disabled.  I have been short of breath and weak, it's such an eye opener.   I will never look at a handicapped parking permit the same after this week.   Catch ya soon!   CB

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Who would ever think one would have a health update Link, on their homepage.  Geez, what can I say.  Ya think in this world that you live forever, we get all caught up in the day to day about girlfriends, and boyfriends, or sports, or  hobbies.... and then one day, we realize that life can have limits.  We do take advantage of life and the wonders that the world has to give, by not taking a second to smell the roses, or hear the birds, or taste the water.   Please, do all of those, and take a second to realize all that you do have, cause ya never know what lies behind that next turn!

Since Dec 99:  I've been fighting AIDS, thats right, I said it... AIDS.  When it was HIV infection, it didnt mean much, that is until things took a major dive.   And just when things begin to start to get better, wham, Lymphoma in the middle of the new millenium, oh joy!  What's lymphoma you might ask????   Well, cancer of the lymph system, which requires for most, chemo therapy, and baldness.   I've been through it once, from July 2000 until November 2000..   And thought I was in the clear ready to start focusing on my masters in nursing, when BAMM, the need to start this calendar of events.  I continue it because so many people in my life care, some that know me, and many that don't.

FYI and Special Thanks!

When things get bad in life,  Sometimes you do not know which way is up!  But no matter which way is up, I want everyone to know how much I appreciate the love, thanks, and support from all of you .   My friends and family have been wonderful, but the unexpected love from people like Geffen Cancer Center, or at Dr. Pierone's office.  That kind of love and energy is unexpected, and that kind of warmth and caring makes all the difference in the world.  Thank you All...


My Loving Mother Carol, by my side each Visit!


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